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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Okay if you insist:
This is Willow. Mike and Mia befriended this tiny white spider that came to them at the window. Need I say more? She insisted Christopher or I was to be the chosen one.
Months have gone by. I feed with no grace. Soon I had to keep her in because she seemed older than her age. She is growing beautifully. Mia taught mike about all the holidays, one right after another.
Christmas is one of Mia's favorites! She knows the ornaments go in the 'BOX".
The box goes in the closet. The closet is called Narnia. Narnia is that 'quiet place'.
Mikey showed her the closet and 'HOW TO WORSHIP" the box.
Eat the packing tape.
The End!
Day four of convulsive reaction to a toxin or ingested object and or both.
Details in between were guilt on my end, sleep deprivation of both of us and three of the most brain wreck days I've had in a long time. I had to pull from memory banks long forgotten.
Not to mention Growth and development, pshych, detox, recovery..
Thanks again!
Just that you were curious enough to "follow up' means a whole lot!

Friday, January 6, 2012


Guilty,... I feel guilty for Mia "not having" the privilege to be in certain windows. I think she did it to herself. She invited him in as anyone else does. Not me!
Mikey's grown so much. He's huge and I didn't to teach him the fundimentals of loving and caring, that was someone else.
Photo to come..

Tuesday, November 15, 2011



In an atempt to stress the cost to maintain a pet, my avertisers have great discounts! On the other hand if you need to beg borrow and just short of stealing, try creating and generating an income right from your home. Come on, you don't really think I'm going to be talking about a couple of cats all day do you?

YOU CAN DO THIS TOO! (site under construction) See what this can lead to?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

With a small "b"

    It has come to my attention that besides mental and ESP communication, cats speak full communicative skills using gestures and tactile functions such slapping each other, jumps and leaps mean something, and the ever so tender tap on the head meaning yes or no, do or don't. But I can't get over the loving "I DareYou" quivering tap on the cheek.
 Mikey is the "b".

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Guian Icus (Mikey)

The sounds he relates to. He will be my Big Foot. Mia Bitches him around and he eventually howls like he's tortured. I spring awake just to find he has to do that in order to REALLY get my attention! I won't say "NO"! It is NOT feasible to keep both at this time.

October 27, 2010
He has since been named mikey. For my birthday I was given the gift of sterilization. Him not me! He still has issues deeply rooted due to insecurity and abandonment. Mia has been instrumental in teaching him how to understand me and Christopher. Although I have a more nurturing attitude about life, This is a picture of both on the window ledge in Christopher's room. Something about him they both fight over. I'm just chop liver.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bulletin from the cause: Don't Kill Unwanted Pets At Shelters
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The Foundation was formed in 2004 by Mark and Wanda Shefts to honor the memory of their two labrador retrievers. The Shefts' passion for animals led them to create this non-profit foundation, which assists animals in a variety of ways. The foundation lends financial support to:

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Sorry David!

    Because of something David Letterman said about a month ago, I have to defend the innocence of those who can not fend for themselves.
    First of all as a media mougal, self centered, egotistical, naive, and rambling ass, he speaks out of turn and out of his butt when no one is looking. I know! I ran into one of his private office jokes once. (Not nice! )
    His remarks about not liking cats because they stink, ..."I'm sorry, they DO!" he said. This remark left me fuming. Obviously he has never kept any kind of pet, ever in his life. That is all I will say!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


I can't believe she spoke back! Rebellious and defiant! Can she really be so smart? Who formulated this little mind? What is in store for me? What am I to expect in the future? I shot a small clip of an impromptu show and dance. She was in play mode. Of course I had to use "Cutesy" language-voice, or what ever you call a grown man acting like a nut! Well, You be the judge! (video option disappeared, will update this "Must See"!) 

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dear Diary

Dear Diary, I've learned to argue with Rush, watch football, enjoy barbie snacks, and "know", I don't like beef! I hate my window bed, it gets cold at night. I like the livingroom,it's so quiet. I have the rest of the house. I answer back! ..So I have the last word! That has to count for something! I'm glad I'm understood.

Feb 27th,2010:
I'm nearing a year old. In one more month, and the whole St. Patrick "thing", I will have reached one year.
I've leaned to divide my attention, befriend guests and become graciously respectful and walk away, except when "WII" ing!

The Issue of Food!

It's going to be months now, I keep thinking, "I hope I'm not doing the wrong thing.", I have a child with a ferocious appetite. She's getting bigger and bigger. Soon I'll be crying my self for over feeding my child. I'm feeling horible!

Monday, November 30, 2009

A Gift from The Blue Army

Ish code ouhoo! The colder weather seems to be native to me.  It's no wonder I generate so much heat.
I found out I have Russian Blue Blood of some kind.  If I could just sleep on top of those coals!

photo was damaged in the conversion to windows ultimate..
all will be replaced!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cat-ching UP!

    From July to October I tried my best (which is pretty good), to catch up to all I'm supposed to learn that makes sense. New languages, new sounds, I'll have to sleep on this a while!
    Some time in August I remember getting excited over a table with a cake. I just know it was for me.

Pics to follow........
My favorite window, and I have to sleep with that horrible sound. (AM radio) He leaves it on that station all day long! It NEVER goes off, always on. I hate it!
The story of Rush must be told now! I've learned how to argue!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Mia's Second Post

This was taken on a lazy saturday morning. Egg Day!
With bu'a
Thomas stopped at nothing to make me comfortable. Every chair, every blanket, every thing became mine. Summer inside was cold here. The temperature must have gotten to 76 degrees! It was freezing to me. I was used to 106 outside. With humidity so high my jak like coat was almost moist. The bath I was given made a big difference. I can't wait to get another one.
All this talk about Tex, who is he? Was he like me? Personally I don't want to hear of him!
I hear about the "Holy Room" and the box on the shelf. I can't keep my eyes off of that box.
July came and went so quickly. August held a special day I can't wrap my head around.
Something about a birthday, no bur'day pa'ee.
August 21st marks Thomas' special day ('though he hates that day) I'm in the middle of a picture if I can find it.
This is Christopher the giant. He saved my life from what I hear. I was hungry but I was happy in the wild of the out doors. At least I think so. I think.

Mia's First Blog

    I was born some where around April, I think (!), so I've been told. April B.C. (before Christopher).  I was not NOTICED until July. This is where my story begins: 

July of 2009 was hot!  I learned quickly what Hot was. I didn't like it, but seemed to have an afinity to warmth. So, I kept running out of the house. Maybe I didn't like the "people" that cared for me, maybe the house was too cold, I just know I didn't want "inside". Humidity is where I came from.
    Back to july, this huge giant with the most stunning blue eyes, kept noticing me! I could tell he was talking about me. She this, her that.. I could just tell.
    My neighbors were not loving or giving. They ignored me like a plague. I was so fussed about at one time. I was taken to a "Doctor", some Vet thing, several times too! First they did something to my fingers. Then my poopoo! I was out of it, that's all I remember. I'm only three months old!
    But what's happening? Every body's busy going and coming, carrying things, I'm hungry! When is anybody going to feed me?
    Hey there's that giant!  Hey, my name is,...  meow!  I like you! You have a loving voice. To bad I can't really get your attention, I have no finger nails! My neighbor was Veronica and her son Nickolas. They didn't like me very much either. I just can't understand what happened to my mother or father, they left me. I'm alone. Christopher is the only one that notices me.
    Week two,  Christopher convinces Thomas to take me in. Thank God! Or as I know him now, Ga!

 Thanks to you Christopher, I can begin to tell my story one day at a time.

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